Spring Forward

     Before moving to New York for college, I grew up in Santa Monica where it was sunny year-round. Seasons never felt very relevant since the weather was constantly on the warmer side, so seasonal fashion wasn't really an issue. Sure, people wore their Patagonia jackets in December, but they were about a quarter of an inch thick and usually styled with flip flops. Not to say that I was ever that seasonally confused, but experiencing my first bone-chilling winter in NYC certainly opened my eyes not only to dressing appropriately for the seasons but also to appreciating the arrival of spring. 
     The onset of spring inevitably evokes joy, and such cheerfulness served as the inspiration for an editorial I styled for Barnard's Hoot MagazineThe looks modeled by the bubbly Coco McDermott consisted of a lot of denim and white - a nod to the effortless spring fashions of Jane Birkin. Photographer Esther Jung's vibrant aesthetic meshed seamlessly with the jovial theme of the shoot, as she captured Coco at the Union Square Farmer's Market budding with blooms, on a colorful street called Washington Mews and at  the beautiful Washington Square Park. I couldn't think of a better way to spring forward!