Augusta Chapman, Model

     Augusta Chapman is undeniably cool. I was immediately awestruck with the model (and fellow student) when I met her while assisting a photo shoot for Hoot Magazine. Augusta's unique beauty, with her tall porcelain figure and choppy blonde locks, along with her charming personality make for both a marvelous model and an enchanting girl. Intrigued about her career, I interviewed the inspiring lady to learn a bit more...

How did you get into modeling - were you scouted or was it something you pursued independently?
     I was in a nail salon when a woman stopped me and asked if I had ever thought about modeling. I said the truth, which is that I always thought models had to diet a lot more than I was willing to, and she said that she thought I would be perfect for it and gave me her card. I went down to the agency a week later and they signed me on the spot.

While watching you pose for the Hoot editorial, you were completely natural in front of the camera. Have you ever felt camera shy?
     Posing is a totally learned skill - I don’t know anyone who started out knowing how to pose. If you look back at my first couple tests they’re incredibly awkward and forced, I don’t know where to look, I can’t figure out what to do with my hands. Also, I cracked my rib the day before my agency took my first couple of polaroids, so I’m really stiff because I literally can’t move. I figured out pretty quickly that posing is just a matter of letting go of the embarrassment that comes with watching yourself. You develop a really strong sense of where your body is at all times through modeling. In front of the camera I know exactly where every part of my body is, from the angle of my chin to all of my toes. That awareness makes you lose embarrassment really fast.

As a model you're always dressed by others, how would you describe your personal style?
     For everyday I like sort of a Scandinavian clean lines feeling combined with a Pacific Northwest normcore vibe, lots of work boots, androgynous silhouettes, minimal makeup. I have to go from class to castings so my outfits are often variations on the model uniform of skinny jeans + simple dark top + ratty sweater + cool boots. For going out, I dress exclusively like a hot stepmom.

What's one of your favorite photo shoots you've done?
     When I was in Seattle I got to shoot with the incredible Heather Hazzan, who’s a plus model as well as a photographer doing really cool things in the industry. Not only is she so warm and easy to pose for, she let me wear my own clothes and we styled them together. The collaborative aspect was so valuable to me and now I look at those photos and feel a real sense of ownership over them.

Who is your dream photographer to work with or designer to wear?
     I dream of bringing plus / “middie” modeling to catalogues that I always felt excluded from when I was younger, like Urban Outfitters, Madewell, etc. Those cooler, younger, middle-price-point brands are really close to my heart and I would love for them to have photos that look more like the girls actually buying the clothes.

What is the best piece of modeling advice that you've received?
     Pretend you’re looking in your mirror at home. Also, if your picture is being taken, someone is already looking at you, so it’s okay to act like it.

Any et cetera?
     It’s really, really nice to like the way you look, and you don’t have to change anything about yourself to do that. Just know that you’ve got your own thing going on and that’s really fucking cool.

Images via Heffner Management

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