All Tied Up

Catherine Deneuve

Françoise Dorléac

     Baby pink grosgrain bows immediately come to mind when I first think of bow hair accessories. As a young girl, my mother loved to style my hair with bows in a rainbow of colors. This surely explains my association with hair bows as youthful, rather than something more avant-garde (I'm talking about you, Lady Gaga).
     Sporting hair bows hasn't appealed to me since my elementary school years, but now thanks to a couple of femmes françaises I'm inspired to put a bow on it. In the 60s, sisters and fellow starlets Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac could often be seen with bow-tied locks. Eager to emulate the looks of the two, I'm adding black velvet ribbon to my shopping list to get my tresses all tied up.

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  1. I wore a bow headband almost everyday to school when I was 14, mostly because I wanted to be Blaire Waldorf. Your femmes are plus sophistiqué!