Valentina Cytrynowicz, Photographer

     Valentina Cytrynowicz is a 16 year old budding photographer based in Los Angeles. She's no stranger to the world of photography, and under the nickname Tuna Boon she shoots for major clients like Alfred Coffee and Ford ModelsHer images are spectacular and have a clean, airy feel plus a hint of edge. Curious to learn more about the girl behind the camera, I flipped around the lens to interview Valentina about her work. 

For starters, where does your nickname Tuna Boon come from?
     In third grade I had a teacher who had this strong Long Island accent, and instead of calling me Valentina he called me Valentuna (it might have been on purpose but he did have a very strong accent so I'm not sure!). As for the boon, my first Instagram was tunaboona, but then I forgot my password so I shortened the boona to boon!

When did you begin to develop a passion for photography?
     Approximately two and a half years ago-I just scrolled down to my first post on Insta :). I got into Instagram and began taking a lot of iPhone pictures. I became truly passionate about photography around a year ago when I did my first test shoot for an agency.

With over 17,000 Instagram followers, has social media made a large impact on your career?
     Yes, definitely. It acts as my main portfolio, even though I have a website. I probably get more than half of my jobs from people who have found me on Instagram.

What's one of your favorite photo shoots you've done?
     I have never thought about that... It would have to be the first model from TWO Management that I shot. Her name is Brittany Avina. She has a beautiful, unique look and is 6-foot-something. I shot her in a perfectly all-white studio and wrapped her in pink tulle. I was very happy with the pictures!

What inspires you?
    When I wake up to a perfect day I feel inspired to take pictures and capture every good angle of everything lovely. I am a junior in high school, so whenever I have an insane amount of work it inspires me to keep working at my passion and taking photos so that I can have a better chance of doing what I love for the rest of my life (and escaping the busywork ASAP)!

Who or what is your dream subject to photograph?
     My dream would be to shoot Lindsey Wixson. She has the most amazing face! I would spend hours just taking closeups. 


  1. Wow 16 years old and already on her way to being a top photographer!

    - Liz