Seeing Double: Men in White

     Yes, James Dean and Nicholas Hoult are both undeniably handsome, but the two also have some style similarities. In each of their films, Dean in East of Eden and Hoult in A Single Man, both men can be seen wearing head-to-toe white. The colorless costumes are a sure nod to the angelic qualities of each character. Holt, who plays Kenny in A Single Man, acts as a guardian angel to George (Colin Firth) who's in a downward spiral after the loss of lover. Dean, who plays Cal in East of Eden, may not first appear angelic due to his moodiness and angst, although he has pure intentions at heart while he tries to regain money for his father who lost a large sum from a failed business venture. Metaphorical meanings aside, these all white looks are exceptional regardless. It may be after labor day, but I'm all for sporting this white-collared look during winter. 


  1. Love these movies, and especially these two looks! One with the cashmere jumper YUM!


  2. Love this! If the look is approved by James Dean and Nicholas Hoult it is definitely worth a try! x

  3. Man, head to toe white is tricky to do, but these men pulled the trend off beautifully! Hehe, and I'm a sucker for Nicholas Hoult anyway ;)

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  4. ah. James Dean <3
    love this post, happy new year!