Fantastic Four

Angel Olsen, Peter Sagar of Homeshake, Brooks Nielsen of The Growlers, Lou Doillon

     With the start of the New Year I've been trying to freshen my ears and listen to some new music. Coming from a melting pot of genres, from beach goth to folk, here are four artists that are music to my ears...

Angel Olsen: Thanks to the power of Shazam, I discovered the truly angelic voice of Angel Olsen in a coffee shop. The folk rock singing beauty makes songs that not only have exquisite titles, like Some Things Cosmic and Safe in the Womb, but in and of themselves are magnificent. My all-time fave of Olsen's tunes is Lights Out, which Mac Demarco did a great cover of. Speaking of... 

Homeshake: As a massive Mac Demarco fan, it only seems natural that I'd love his guitarist Peter Sagar's solo album. Putting words together to describe the sound of Homeshake is by no means easy, but Vogue hit the nail on the head by calling it "delightfully off-kilter." His debut album In The Shower has such a cool, mellow yet funky vibe, however my favorite song of Sagar's, Moon Woman, isn't on the album (but is thankfully on YouTube!). 

The Growlers: There's no better way to categorize The Growler's music than by calling it beach goth; it's a term they coined themselves and now use as a title for their own psychedelic music festival. Now that I'm living in freezing NYC, listening to their songs like Pet Shop Eyes and Someday makes me feel like I have a little piece of sunny LA in my back pocket. 

Lou Doillon: It's no surprise that Lou Doillon is a glorious singer, considering her mother is the iconic songstress Jane Birkin. If I'm not obsessing over her illustrations on Instagram, I listen to her album Places constantly. I think I've been playing Devil or Angel on repeat a little too often lately...


  1. brb while I go listen to all these while procrastinating from doing my work