Interview with Amanda Glickman, Creator of Sniques

     Through a mutual love for all things fashion I became blogger buddies with the lovely Amanda Glickman of Pencils and Pearls. Not only does this fifteen year old have impeccable style, frame-worthy Instagrams, and an insane talent for illustration, but she has also created an incredible custom sneaker business called Sniques. I interviewed Amanda to learn more about these 'one of a kind shoes for one of a kind people'. 

For starters, what inspired you to create Sniques?
     I have always wanted to think of something really unique to do, that involved both art and fashion. Being obsessed with Instagram, I looked there for a source of inspiration. One day I saw a picture of Keds that someone had glued glitter on in an ombré formation. So that's what I did! I bought a pair of white Vans and got to it. I wanted to make some for my mom as well, but she isn't a fan of glitter, so I decided to dip-dye them. The process was messy and not symmetrical, and that's when I thought, why not just paint them with fabric paint? On my next pair, for a little cousin of mine, I tried to think of a cute pattern, like bows or hearts. And that's when it just kind of happened- I made an assortment of cute icons on the shoes. After loving how they turned out, I made a pair for myself, which grabbed a lot of attention at school the next day. Fast forward a month and I had a business. 

How would you style a pair of Sniques?
     Sniques are definitely on the casual side. I wear them all the time with jeans and jean shorts. I usually pair the outfit with a t-shirt and cool blazer or leather jacket, or with a plain white or black button up. They also look cute with simple dresses or skirts, especially with fun socks. They are great for the cold and hot, winter and summer. They make anyone who wears them unique - hence the name: Sniques- unique sneakers. 

Have you thought about painting on other pieces, like totes or t-shirts?
     I haven't thought about expanding the brand to t-shirts, although I think maybe the icons would be cute as a pattern! But, I actually have painted a few Goyard bags- it looks so cool and contrasted- and since the bag is so popular, it makes a statement. Hopefully I'll hatch something up soon. 

Have you had any unusual requests?
     Most people just want simple things like hearts, lightning bolts, initials, and foods- but one woman asked me to make a pattern of rats- RATS! In my mind I was thinking 'Are you crazy! That sounds so ugly!' But, you have to make the customer happy. So I did it, and they actually weren't that bad. I think I might have actually worn them myself.

If you could make a pair of Sniques for anyone, who would it be?
     If I could make a pair of Sniques for anyone...... It would probably be Cara Delevigne or Kate Bosworth. They both have such distinct styles and are seen as trend-starters, so it would be awesome to see my shoes on their feet during fashion week. 


  1. AAAHHH! Love love love!! You're the best. XOXOXXOOXXOXOXOX

  2. OH vraiment c'est très bien fait ça donne un côté très girly et fun à des chaussures qui ne le sont pas forcément à la base

  3. Great interview, incredible result ;)

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  4. what a cool brand this girl is developing! not to mention, the name Sniques is fabulous!
    loved the interview!

  5. I love this idea; it seems like it would be popular at my sister's middle school (she should look to expand!) Also, Amanda's only 15? It's impressive that she already has business experience under her belt. Best of luck to her.


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    1. They're actually available for purchase online! Here's a link: http://www.shopsniques.com/p/shop.html

      xx Ella

  6. Sniques is so original name to brand it!


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