Monday Muse: Lauren Bacall

ASOS Beret, J.Crew Button Down, Topshop Midi Skirt, McQ Alexander McQueen Belt, NARS Lipstick, Kate Spade Watch, Loren Stewart ID Bracelet, MATTER Flats

     Thanks to Netflix, I've been watching a lot of old movies lately. After seeing films like The Seven Year Itch and Some Like It Hot, you could say I've been on a bit of a Marilyn Monroe tangent. The other night, I saw How to Marry a Millionaire, and rather than my focus being on the iconic Monroe, I couldn't keep my eyes off of Lauren Bacall. Her witty nature, feminine charm, and fabulous outfits had me hooked! Bacall's style is a quintessential 40s and 50s look, with crisp white button downs, belts cinched tight at the waist, and mid length skirts. I've yet to see Bacall in her more famous film noir movies with Humphrey Bogart (above),  but can't wait to watch them all and gush over her adorable outfits.

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