I Dream of Dorm

Vahram Muratyan L'obsession Print, Garance Doré Early Winter Poster, John Derian Plate, Diptyque Paris Candle, Clare Vivier Catchall, Richard Rothstein New York Pillow, Jonathan Adler Mod Pillow, Leif Gemstone Magnets

     One aspect of college I've always looked forward to is dorm decoration. At RISD's Pre-College Program, which I attended a couple summers ago, I got a sense of how small college bedrooms actually are. Before then, Blair Waldorf had me fooledIn anticipation of decorating my dorm room at Barnard College next year, I've pulled together some stylish room accessories to liven up a small space. The collection continues on my Pinterest!


  1. We have the same Richard Rothstein pillows at a boutique near my house, just the California edition, but they're too expensive for me...

    x. jill
    beck daily

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