Fit For a Queen

Topshop Bralet & Knickers, Malicieuse Bra & Briefs, Timpa Bra & Thong

     Audacious, irresponsible, and extravagantly flawed, Marie Antoinette fascinates me. I don't commend Antoinette for living a lavish life while the majority of France suffered in poverty, but it's hard not to admire her attention grabbing fashions. In Sophia Coppola's film about the radical French Dauphine, the costumes Kirsten Dunst wears are an absolute opulent dream. As concealing as Marie's outfits are, the pastel colors, accents of lace, and frilly silhouettes ironically remind me of lingerie. Just in time for Valentine's Day, I've pulled together a few lovely underpinnings fit for a queen. 

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