Revlon Mani Mix-Up

     Throughout my middle school and high school years, Teen Vogue has served as my fashion and beauty bible. Ever since I began reading the magazine and making frequent visits to the website, I've had a strong desire to get involved. Becoming a Teen Vogue It Girl was the ultimate answer! Being an "It Girl" has allowed me to answer questionnaires for the magazine, have access to exclusive events, and enter tons of contests. 
     Not long ago, I entered a contest for an opportunity to throw a nail art party in celebration of Revlon's new nail art line, which includes the Nail Art ExpressionistNail Art Neonand Nail Art Moon Candy products. I'm thrilled that I was chosen along with nine other girls in the country to host an event!
     This past Sunday ten of my friends and I had our nail art extravaganza! To celebrate the bright colors of the nail art collection and our sunny Los Angeles setting, we had the party at my friend Natalie's pool. We had a total blast painting our nails in bright colors with eye-catching designs, ranging from neon drips to leopard print to watermelons. 
     I feel so lucky to have been able to host such a fun fĂȘte, and Revlon and Teen Vogue deserve a massive thank you for sending such wonderful products and decorations!


Set It Up

House of Hackney Silk Cami and Shorts Set, Topshop Paisley Crop Top and Shorts, Dolce Vita Polka Dot Bustier and Skinny Pant, Zara Floral Top and Shorts

     It's no secret that I'm a big fan of coordinating clothing. From sporting  black on black to camel on camel to denim on denim, it feels like I've traveled the world of matching outfits. However, I haven't yet taken a trip down the road of parallel prints. 
     I'm especially eager to try out this look in the warmer spring and summer weather. What a perfect time to dress in blooming florals, psychedelic paisleys, and bright polka dots from head to toe!


A Perfect Match

Madewell Chambray Shirt and Skinny Jeans, Bloch Ballet Flats, Patricia Field Purse

     Until recently, I had a total aversion to layering denim, often picturing Britney and Justin circa 2001 as an exaggerated reference. However, my close friend and role model Kate came to visit a couple weeks ago and totally swayed my opinion. On the day I saw her, she sported a perfectly balanced double denim outfit. Taking inspiration from Kate's look, I introduced my chambray shirt to my favorite skinnies. Et voilĂ ! They're a perfect match.