Print Perfect

Clockwise: The Last Smoke by Garance Doré, La Romantique by Vahram Muratyan, 4 Classic Reds by Kristina Hultkrantz

     Style is often primarily associated with fashion, but it's also a very important element of room decor. Prints and posters are an inexpensive way to update a room by giving it a lot of personality. 
     Last year I wanted to spruce up the empty wall above my desk, so I purchased a trio of Emmakisstina prints that now give my workspace a fun, girly flair. When I spent this past summer at Rhode Island School of Design's pre-college program, I hung up two colorful Andy Warhol prints that gave a personal touch to my temporary dorm room. 
     I hope to continue collecting more art prints over time; one by Garance DorĂ© is at the top of my wish list!


Lovely Leandra

     I freaked out when I found out that Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller was in Los Angeles to celebrate the debut of her collaboration with PJK. After anxiously waiting in rush-hour traffic, I made it to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills in the nick of time to meet her. She could not have been more intelligent, confident, grounded and extremely genuine.

     There aren't enough words to describe how big of an inspiration Leandra is to me. She's probably one of the only few who manages to take fashion seriously and not too seriously all at the same time. She never fails to put together a seemingly effortless, jaw-dropping ensemble. It's obvious that she has a very strong sense of self, which I really admire. 

     It was a truly lovely experience to meet one of my biggest fashion role models, and I'm looking forward to watching her well-deserved success continue!



     I'm obsessed with delicate jewelry, and thin rings are my ultimate favorite. They're easy to wear on an everyday basis and can be worn on their own or layered together. It also looks neat to mix and match metals, from sterling silver to rose gold.

2. Ariel Gordon Silhouette Ring
4. Mara Carrizo Scalise Rain Ring
5. Bittersweets NY Cat Ring
6. Bri Hana Sydney Arrow Ring
7. Jacquie Aiche Diamond Waif Bezel Ring
8. Loren Stewart Rose Gold Baby Skull Ring
10. Jules Smith Edie Knuckle Ring
11. Anthropologie Solar Link Ring
12. Jennifer Meyer White Gold & Diamond Thin Ring
13. Madewell Elephant Ring
14. Ariel Gordon Love Knot Ring
15. Bare Collection Circle Midi Ring
16. Jacquie Aiche Twisted Waif Ring
17. Mociun Cone Ring
18. Lena Wald Heart Ring
19. Loren Stewart Silver Skinni Plain Ring


Spring Awakening

Topshop Dress, Jennifer Meyer Ring, Ariel Gordon Ring, Catbird Ring, Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag, American Apparel Socks, Kate Spade Mary Janes

    It's always great to purchase clothes that can be worn for more than one season, and my new Topshop dress is a perfect example. Since it's a dark denim shade it can be worn with tights and boots on chillier days, but when the sun comes out, it works wonderfully with frilly socks and Mary Janes. 
     To celebrate the upcoming arrival of spring, I took a trip to Yayoi Kusama's Hymn of Life: Tulips sculpture in Beverly Hills!