Margot Tenenbaum

American Apparel Dress, Carol Wright Coat, 
Bottega Veneta Handbag, Bass Penny Loafers

     Paying homage to Wes Anderson, one of my favorite directors, I dressed up as the mysterious Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums for Halloween. In each of Wes's films there's such strong attention to detail, and the specifics of Margot's character especially fascinate me. She's an adopted playwright who has been a smoker since age twelve, is missing a finger, and is in love with her brother, Richie. Interesting, huh?
     To capture the essence of Margot, I tried to replicate her look from head to toe. My blue polo dress, faux fur coat, and penny loafers covered the basics, but the details of the red hair clip, cigarette (fake, of course) and wooden finger totally made the outfit. I felt completely ready to meet Richie by way of the Green Line Bus!

What did you dress up as this Halloween?