Interview With Mr. Kate

     If you're searching for unique DIY projects, eclectic fashion and beauty inspiration and jewelry that'll make you drool, then head on over to Mr. Kate. The blog has been a favorite of mine for a few years now and I was thrilled to meet Kate Albrecht, the creativity queen herself, at a dinner party this summer. Luckily I got a chance to interview the inspiring lady... Check it out!

In 3 words, how would you describe the Mr. Kate lifestyle?
Unique. Fun. Approachable.

How did you express your creativity when you were a teenager?
Outfits! I loved experimenting with style and wearing weird things, trying different hair and make-up techniques, etc. I also decorated my own room and used my closet door as my own personal mural surface. The Waldorf school I attended had constant creative outlets as well. I learned how to stone carve, bind books, paint, sculpt and make stained glass, to name a few! I think it is so important to explore style and creative expression as a teenager, it's how you learn about yourself!

Where do you draw inspiration? Do you ever have artist's block?
I absolutely have blocks but in this day and age of constant access to a myriad of inspiration, those blocks never last long. I'm fortunate that my business allows me to deal in style and interior design applications so if I'm momentarily sick of one, I'll shift focus to the other. I find inspiration from the community of people that follow my blog and videos. I get communication nearly every day from wonderful people who are wearing and enjoying my jewelry designs or have tried one of my DIY projects for themselves and share their creativity with me. That keeps me going. Sometimes I have to leave my digital devices and work out or read to have a brain fart that will re-boot my passion. Allow yourself to have a yin and yang balance in your life of work and play because each one will influence the other… At least that's what I keep telling myself. I also am known to peruse Instagram one too many times a day, I love seeing how people choose to express themselves or a moment in their lives in a visual way, photography will never die!

Who are your idols?
My cats, for their relaxation skills, they're like little Buddhas of cuddles! I learn to be calm from animals, so animals collectively are idols of mine. For career, I really admire self starters who believe in themselves and have created brands centered around making people feel good. A couple of those are Martha Stewart (even with the jail stint she's still kicking booty!) and recently, I was on a women-in-business panel (at Beauty Con) with the amazing Leslie Blodgett, who founded Bare Escentuals (makers of Bare Minerals makeup). Leslie is so down to earth yet driven and her company now makes nearly 1 billion in sales yearly! I admire her tenacity, her compassion and her ability to balance business with a healthy family life. 

You're super adventurous when it comes to fashion... What's one of your most memorable outfits?
Thank you! Holy baloney, I've had many outfits that have been seared in my memory, for better or worse. I remember I had this giant wide brimmed hat and huge fake diamond earrings that I wore to school one day paired with a black body con dress and huge black sunglasses. I thought I looked like Audrey Hepburn but I think I looked more like some crazed, teenage trophy wife. 
I like to entertain myself with fashion. Some of my outfits may be oddball but wearing two different colored shoes or leopard everything usually makes me giggle and I aspire to be happy and non judgmental of myself and others so starting with my clothes in the morning, just makes sense! 

In addition to your fabulous jewelry are you planning on expanding your product line?
Yes! I'm too ambitious for my own good right now, hence the frequent meltdowns (I'm a gemini, so my melancholic twin can take the reigns sometimes). We just released our Fall 2013 Mr. Kate jewelry collection called Element - all about "being in your element." This year, for the first time, I'll be releasing four collections to correspond with the seasons, so that's exciting. As far as expanding, I'd love to have a home accessory line in the near future. And heck, I'd love to do shoes, bags, makeup, nail polish, clothing, furniture, textiles and maybe travel toothbrush containers, I always just use toilet paper wrapped around the brush… not chic!

Do you have any exciting upcoming collaborations?
I do! I'm collaborating with Lamps Plus to release a series of printed lampshades that are all hand-drawn by me. They will be sold on their website which ships all over the world. I'm excited for those to come out so I can use them in my interior design projects and YouTube videos

But right now, I'm thinking I need to collaborate with an iced soy vanilla latte and get some pep back in my step, your questions were so great they drained my brain juice, thank you for the experience! XO!!!

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