Head Over Heels

     I thought that I was adventurous sporting red patent leather pointy-toed Mary Janes, leopard print smoking slippers and bubblegum pink espadrilles. But it turns out my footwear choices are totally tame...
     Sophia Webster (of Sophia Webster) and Charlotte Dellal of Charlotte Olympia are footwear masterminds who have created ingenious designs that are not only dreamy to wear but also pieces of art.
     Webster utilizes pastel colors, bold patterns and graphic shapes in her girly shoes. After seeing a few of her designs in Teen Vogue, they instantly reminded me of Katy Perry because they give off an irresistibly cute yet sexy vibe. I especially love her flamingo booties; just looking at them makes me smile.
     Charlotte Olympia, a company that I discovered a little while back, instantly attracted me with the infamous Kitty Flat. Their current Pre Fall collection has me in total awe. Each shoe incorporates cues from old Hollywood, like gold star-embellished platforms and sandals with film-shaped ankle straps.
     While these designs are pretty pricy for a high school student like myself, they've inspired me to be on the lookout for wilder choices.

Images: Sophia Webster, Charlotte Olympia


  1. LOVE both of these labels! Now if only I was good at waking in heels... haha


  2. Love the shoes and all for trend setting, but I feel the platform is a little too much


  3. They instantly reminded me of Katy Perry because they give off an irresistibly cute yet sexy vibe. air conditioning repair in parker