Print Perfect

Clockwise: The Last Smoke by Garance Doré, La Romantique by Vahram Muratyan, 4 Classic Reds by Kristina Hultkrantz

     Style is often primarily associated with fashion, but it's also a very important element of room decor. Prints and posters are an inexpensive way to update a room by giving it a lot of personality. 
     Last year I wanted to spruce up the empty wall above my desk, so I purchased a trio of Emmakisstina prints that now give my workspace a fun, girly flair. When I spent this past summer at Rhode Island School of Design's pre-college program, I hung up two colorful Andy Warhol prints that gave a personal touch to my temporary dorm room. 
     I hope to continue collecting more art prints over time; one by Garance Doré is at the top of my wish list!

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  1. I love these prints! Paris vs NY is so amazing!