Sixties Shifts

     I'm quite a picky shopper, but every once in a while I'll come across a brand that has me completely smitten. Currently it's Boutique by Jaeger. The line, sold at ASOS, is described to have a "...60s playfulness with a clean, contemporary aesthetic..." To me this translates to utter perfection.


Playing With Peplums

J.Crew Top & Pants, Vince Cardigan, Marais USA Booties, Tiffany & Co. Locket, CC Skye Bracelet, Handmade Chain Bracelets

     I'm typically not a strict trend follower, but every once in a while a certain style will have me head over heels. Luckily, I love peplums, which are very in style this season. So I was super excited when my grandmother gifted me this peplum top for Christmas. It's such a fun update from an ordinary striped tee!


Cat in the Hat

Nasty Gal Caterina Hat $235, Eugenia Kim Felix Black Cat Hat $155, Topshop Cat Lace Ears $12, Urban Outfitters Lace Ears Headband $12

     There's quite a craze for cats in the fashion world. It began with the kitty flats and now it's all about kitty hats and headbands. Let's just say there's a fervor for feline. 


How To: Chanel Inspired Bracelet

     I've always admired the classic quilted Chanel handbag. This infamous purse is simple and elegant, which are also two qualities I look for in jewelry. Using the bag's chain as inspiration, I created bracelets of a similar style. Even though I may not own the bag, now I can have a little of its essence on my wrists! Here's how you can make your own...

     What you'll need: jewelry pliers, jewelry cutter, chain nose pliers, fabric scissors, lobster claws, gold chain, and leather ribbon. 

     Measure the length of your bracelet by wrapping the chain around your wrist. Try not to make the bracelet too small; it won't be comfortable if it's too tight.

     Cut the chain with the jewelry cutters.

     Weave the leather ribbon through the chain. To make sure the bracelet looks neat, avoid making twists in the leather.

     Tightly tie a knot at each end of the chain.

     Trim off excess ribbon with fabric scissors. Keep the tails small but not too teeny, because if the knots come undone they will be difficult to re-tie.

     Use the jewelry pliers to hold the jump ring on the lobster claw, and twist to open it up with the chain nose pliers.

     Insert the jump ring through one end of the chain with the jewelry pliers.

     Close the jump ring using the jewelry pliers and the chain nose pliers. And you're done, enjoy!


Underneath It All

Clockwise: Zinke Lace Crop Bralette, Scallop Edge Crop Top, Lacey Basic Hipster Undie, Galloon Lace Halter Bra, Lovely Lace Godet Slip

     I love Free People + I love lingerie = I really love Free People lingerie. From scallops to lace to pastel colors, the pieces are all très feminine and dreamy. 


Queen B

Free People Dress, Hue Tights, Marais USA Booties, Coach Bag, J.Crew Headband

     The all black outfit is back again, and this time it's infused with a bit of Blair Waldorf charm (see sparkly headband). I paired a drop-waist dress with tights and leather accessories. The leather bows on the dress add a touch of femininity.



     I vividly remember going on an outing with my mother to Barneys New York and falling in love with Carter Kustera's silhouette artwork that was on display. Since then I've grown really fond of silhouettes and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into photography. I decided to create a silhouette stencil and print images through it in the dark room. First I made a simple black print. Then I filled the silhouette with an image of my paper dress and another of a palm tree. I really enjoyed using this technique and am looking forward to experimenting with it more in the future!