Polka Party

     I've been Kusama-fied. Yayoi Kusama, an artist acclaimed for her infamous polka dots, has been popping up frequently in the art and fashion worlds lately. In my photography class our most recent assignment was to emulate an influential artist's work. I was eager to model my project after Kusama. Here are some of the final shots!



     Film photography has been a current favorite of mine. As opposed to digital photography, film is more hands-on since you can print the pictures yourself in a darkroom. My most recent prints are ones I took of my sister. We had an edgy fashion photo shoot complete with black winged eyeliner, a studded vest, and scruffy combat boots. 


Snake Charmer

Jules Smith Necklace, House of Harlow 1960 Ring, Jules Smith Cuff, Dream Collective Studs & Bangle

     Although snakes scare me, I love snake jewelry. It's interesting to see how different designers interpret a snake's traits. Focuses on pattern, curve, and movement seem to be evident in most snake jewelry. I especially like pieces that show a snake wrapping itself around something, which in this instance can be a finger or wrist. 


Nancy Drew

Asos Dress, James Perse Long-sleeve Tee, Urban Outfitters Army Jacket, Hunter Rain Boots

     My friend Allison insisted that I looked like Nancy Drew when I wore this outfit to school. Her point was really spot on, but I also think that the army jacket and rain boots added a little edge to the preppy plaid shift. 


The Perfect Purse

Splurge (Clockwise):
The Cambridge Satchel Company Crossbody $175Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha $368J.Crew Edie Purse $238Coach Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder Purse $198 

Urban Renewal Vintage Coach Bag $69, Deux Lux Basketweave Crossbody Bag $42, American Apparel Leather Cross Body Satchel $58, Cambridge Crossbody Bag $48

     For my birthday a few years ago I received a brown Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body handbag that I carry all the time. People often tend to compliment me on the purse and I believe this is because it's rare for people to find great, classic bags.
     To me, a neutral leather handbag is an essential accessory. It can be worn with any outfit, at any time of day, and during any season. Here I've rounded up some perfect everyday purses, some on the pricy side and others more affordable. 


The Blondes

     My friends and I were out to lunch one day and we overheard some girls sitting near us talking about how my whole group looked the same. I found this really interesting because to me, my friends all look very different. 
     I decided to take this idea and incorporate it into my series project for photography class. I shot five of my friends using a film camera in the studio at my school. Then I processed and printed the film in the darkroom and mounted the photos on black poster board. I'm thrilled with how the final piece turned out!