Composition is an important part of my design foundations class. In each project I am encouraged to arrange shapes while maintaining balanced designs. My favorite project that I've done in the class so far was one where I had the challenge of changing the core of composition. Starting off with a clock on a stack of magazines, scissors, and sunglasses, I had to change each composition by resizing and rearranging the same shapes. I really enjoyed deconstructing each image to create a new abstract collage!


Fashion and Function

Urban Outfitters Blouse • American Apparel Camisole • Levi's Cutoffs from Alternative Apparel • Marais USA Mary Janes

Even though I'm spending my summer at art school I love to dress up-I try to wear outfits that are appropriate and comfortable to work in but also stylish! In this look I started with a pair of distressed denim cutoffs but spruced them up by wearing a tailored blouse and satin ballet flats. I love how my phone adds a pop in its new leopard case from J.crew!


Me, Myself and I

Self portraits are not easy, and when they're on a scale of about 5 by 6.5 feet, frustration ensues. In my drawing foundations class at RISD I had to create 2 self portraits. The first charcoal drawing was straight on and serious, but to give mine more character I added a secret element. If you look closely the edges of my hair form the silhouette of my face! The second piece was supposed to have more attitude, so I decided on an exaggerated fish face to give the drawing some humor. It was a big challenge for me since I've never even drawn a self portrait before! But after lots of work and a couple do-overs, I think they turned out pretty nicely!


Lena Love

All images via Lena Wald

On my birthday a few years ago I received a pair of earrings by Lena Wald. These were no ordinary earrings; they were mismatched. One earring was pink gold lips and the other was a yellow gold queen's crown. I enjoy the uniqueness of mixing the different earrings as a pair! 

Recently I stumbled upon Lena's website and fell in love with all of her designs. Each piece is delicate and feminine but their fun shapes and symbols give them a bit of attitude. I'm dreaming of a custom "Ella" name necklace to call my own!

My Mismatched Earrings
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Barbie Girl

When I found out that one of my assignments for my fashion design class was to create an outfit for a Barbie I couldn't have been more excited. As a little girl I loved dressing up Barbie dolls and making clothing for them seemed even better! My inspiration for my garment was a beautiful painting by Edgar Degas called Dancers in Pink. I wanted to take the poise found in ballet and translate it into a structured dress. The peplum at the waist is used for contrast and is meant to emulate a ballerina's tutu. Finally, I added a choker and ballet slippers as seen on the dancers in the painting, hoping Degas would approve!


Tea Time

My most recent assignment in my fashion design class was the "Personal Vision Project". My task was to create three boards (a mood board, a flats and fabrics board, and a croquis board) that display my creative vision as a fashion designer. I'm very attracted to feminine pieces, simple shapes, and pastel colors, and I used those elements to create an intimates collection with a tea party theme. I loved translating my inspirations into a line of clothing!



Recently I spent an afternoon walking around Newport, Rhode Island with some friends. It was a nice break from my hard work in the RISD Pre-College program. Visiting vintage shops, sipping smoothies, and taking in the town made for a relaxing day. I loved wearing my new sundress from Urban Outfitters; its simple silhouette and unique cut-out make it a great summer piece!

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