Au Naturale

When it comes skin and hair care, I'm one that leans towards natural products. I think it's very important for people to take good care of their skin and hair, and how better to do it then by cleaning them with healthy ingredients? 

Since I began washing my face, I've sworn by the brand Dr. Hauschka. I have very sensitive skin, and these 100% natural products don't irritate my skin but still keep my face clear. I wash my face twice a day with Cleansing Cream, and moisturize with the Moisturizing Day Cream only in the morning. Sometimes if I'm having a bit of a breakout or would like to treat myself to a facial, I steam my face and use the Cleansing Clay Mask.
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Naturally I have curly hair. In previous years I had a hard time coping with the fact that this was true. I overused my flat iron  attempting to hide my curls. After being introduced to Devachan by my best friend Cleo, I learned to embrace my hair's natural texture. The Devacurl product line, which is sulfate free and biodegradable, gives the perfect amount of moisture and encourages me to let my hair go wild. I wash my hair daily, cleansing with Low-Poo and conditioning with One Condition. Afterwards I apply AnGel for extra hold, and I'm set. Once every couple of weeks I use the reviving Heaven in Hair as a deep conditioning treatment. 
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Emulating Audrey

Sweater: Zara • Cropped Pants: J.crew • Flats: Marais USA  

Elegant, ladylike, stylish, and beautiful all perfectly describe the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. After watching Breakfast at Tiffany's again recently, I was reminded of my love for the incredible actress. I immensely admire how poised she was, and strive to be a elegant woman like Audrey. I decided that it would be fun to interpret Audrey's classic style in my own way. I put together an outfit that well represents what she stood for, including a black sweater, cropped pants, ballet flats, and big sunglasses. Audrey typically wore a pearl necklace, and I added my own spin by wrapping one around my wrist.


The Old and The New

For the holidays I was gifted a set of adorable Kate Spade hair clips. The bright blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink hues in the clips' rhinestones instantly reminded me of my eighth grade graduation dress from Madewell. I knew the two would be a perfect combination for an outfit. To give the look a more casual, school-friendly vibe, I layered a burgundy Zara sweater over the dress and paired it with Converse.

P.S. I recently found out I was featured in a Teen Vogue article about how to style headbands. You can read the post here!



Strolling around Trastevere

Scarf: Emilio Pucci • Sweater: Alexa Chung for Madewell
Pants: J.crew • Flats: Marais USA

I didn't know what to expect before spending six nights in Rome. I had a foggy idea of how things would be, aware of the fact I'd be surrounded by people speaking Italian and be eating delicious pasta and gelato. Though this was true, so much more came out of my stay. The city took my breath away. Fascinating architecture consisted of ancient ruins, grand villas, and modern buildings. I was constantly surrounded by intriguing textures, whether it was a simple cobblestone street or a detailed carving in a renaissance statue. My family stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast in an area called Trastevere. We accomplished so much in our trip, visiting all the incredible landmarks and squeezing in some time to shop. Below are some of the highlights of the trip!

The astounding reflection of a bridge over the Tiber river.

Mind-blowing details from marble statues in the Vatican.
(I'd love a pair of those sandals!)

Light shining through the hole in the dome of the Pantheon, acting as a sun dial, displaying the time of day.

The colossal magnificence of the Colosseum.

A spectacular view of the city.