Spotted Skinnies

James Perse Tee • J.crew Cardigan • BP Nordstrom Jeans • Kate Spade Mary Janes

     Printed jeans are all the rage right now, from teal leopard print to a wide range of florals. Personally I like pieces that aren't as loud, ones that I can wear often and not have them be "those crazy pants". I was excited when I spotted these polka dotted skinnies. They're noticeable but not over-the-top and perfect for school.


  1. the outfit is great, the pants look lovely!! XOXO :)


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  2. These pants are so cute! I love this outfit. I agree with not liking pieces being so loud - it allows you to be stylish without being very trendy and have something you can only wear for a little while

  3. Love the pants (and your blog) :3