Audrey and I taking our final pose.

     A fashion show was the perfect way to end my summer at RISD. It consisted of all the fashion majors' final projects from an assignment called Paperama. Each student had to design and construct an outfit made 100% out of paper!
     I was inspired by this Ed Ruscha painting when I designed my dress and tried to take the phrase from the artwork and translate it into a piece of clothing. The bodice of the dress is very structured like the words in the painting, and the deep-v back and curls at the bottom of the dress represent the off-kilter word "that".
     The dress looks simple but it was not easy to construct. Even though I had to make the garment out of paper I wanted it to seem as fabric-like as possible. I did this by soaking the pattern pieces in hot water and by crumpling them to break up the fibers. I didn't have a sewing machine with me, so to "sew" the seams I used a stapler! To give the dress its baby pink color I painted it with watered down acrylic paint. I used the same technique to paint the curls at the bottom, adding bits of black and red as I went to give it an ombré effect. 
     Accessories and makeup were also an important part of the project. For shoes I bought a pair of white kitten heels and painted them a dark pink to match the bottom of the dress. I also made an ombré clutch which I wove out of the same strips that I used for the curls. I opted for a 1960s vibe for hair and makeup; a beehive and Twiggy eyes!
     Making the garment was quite a tedious process but it was completely worth it when it came to the fashion show. My friend Audrey and I modeled each other's designs. I will never forget how much fun I had at the fashion show, it was the cherry on top of my incredible summer experience!

Process photos of pattern pieces, ombré strips, and curlicues.

My final board that hung in the auditorium.

Audrey looking stunning in my design!

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