Dorm Details

Throughout my six week stay at RISD it was my goal to make my dorm feel as much like home as possible. I enjoyed decorating my room and giving it a personal touch and wanted to share some details of my summer space!

A cluster of black and white photos of pictures I love, from artists to models to cute boys.

Photographs of my family and friends that brightened up the headboard of my bed (and day).

Posters of a couple of my favorite Andy Warhol pieces.

All of my sun protection, nail polish, and Barbie

My trusty alarm clock to wake me up for class, perched on top of my summer reading and fashion magazines.

Lovely lavender Marimekko bedding.

My Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag for the weekend and my Thursday Friday tote to carry all my materials to class.


  1. It looks really lovely!!! I love everything!! XOXOX :)


  2. Just looking through your amazinggg blog!!! I have the same pictures of us hanging above my bed <3
    p.s this is really inspiring