My final project in my drawing foundations class was to create an artist's book, and I decided to take my piece in an unconventional direction. The book I made is meant to look like a paper doll kit; one a little girl might play with. But the kit actually has a deeper meaning. The doll, who is supposed to be me, can dress up as different characters from movies and television or as real life celebrities. My paper dolls express how I admire these individuals' sense of style and how they each dress themselves in a distinct way. As a teenager, I feel like I'm still exploring my personal style, so the act of dressing up like different people can be fun. The last outfit in the book is one that I own and love to wear right now, maybe I do have my own distinctive style and just haven't realized it yet!


  1. This is so creative and fun! It makes me want to make my own paper doll and outfits!

  2. How gorgeous, loving the Blair Waldorf outfit (: