Me, Myself and I

Self portraits are not easy, and when they're on a scale of about 5 by 6.5 feet, frustration ensues. In my drawing foundations class at RISD I had to create 2 self portraits. The first charcoal drawing was straight on and serious, but to give mine more character I added a secret element. If you look closely the edges of my hair form the silhouette of my face! The second piece was supposed to have more attitude, so I decided on an exaggerated fish face to give the drawing some humor. It was a big challenge for me since I've never even drawn a self portrait before! But after lots of work and a couple do-overs, I think they turned out pretty nicely!


  1. I had to draw a self portrait and it failed miserably, so congrats, those are amazing!!

  2. Well done, for a first attempt these are really good. The first self portrait I did had the eyes way too far up my head, and I looked about 10 years older. I love the expression in the second one! :) x

  3. I could never draw a self portrait of myself! Sketching is not really one of my strongpoints. Yours are great though!

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