Valentino: Themes and Variations

For my sixteenth birthday, my grandmother bought me the book Valentino: Themes and Variations. It was the perfect choice, considering I recently visited Rome and would now have the opportunity to learn about the infamous Italian designer. The cover of the book alone displays the genius of Valentino. His garments are mind-blowing, showing crazy attention to detail and recurring themes. I found this quote from the preface of the book very inspiring:

"I have always considered my work as the one of a writer. Over the years I wrote only one story, the one of my style, where each collection represents a single chapter, with all of its emotions, ideas, and motifs. The looks may change with every chapter, but the main characters are the same, as are the people and things that inspire me."

This book has allowed me to gain immense admiration for Valentino as a designer; his talent is undeniable!

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