Sweet Sixteen: Part 1

Oh, what a weekend! The celebration of my sixteenth birthday took off with a trip to New York City. Even though I may seem like a California girl, I'm a New Yorker at heart. I was born in the city and some of my best friends live on the east coast! On the first day my sister, best friend Cleo and I, and our mothers, went on a couple of fashion field trips.

Where to first? The Christian Loubutain offices. Kate, a close family friend, works in press for the company and gave us a tour. The shoes were insane! From three-inch snakeskin platforms to men's sneakers collaged with trash, every red-soled piece was not only a wearable shoe but also a piece of art.

Next stop? The Teen Vogue offices in the Condé Nast building. It's hard for me to express how much joy visiting the magazine's workplace gave me. I got this incredible opportunity though Naomi Nevitt, Teen Vogue's online editor. I worked with her on a room feature that's debuting on the website soon, and when we met she invited me to come have a tour! The offices were unbelievable. Everyone working there was so sweet and told us how they contribute to the magazine. It was really interesting to see the wide variety of jobs that make up Teen Vogue! Visually the offices were magnificent. There were brightly colored racks of clothing lining every wall, infinite amounts of accessories in the clothing closet, and a mind-boggling number of makeup products in the beauty closet (where we received some freebies!). Just thinking about the visit makes me so happy, it was a dream come true!


  1. It sounds like an awesome trip. Teen vogue was one of my favourite magazines growing up :-) and the room features were so interesting (not sure if they still have the segment in the magazine).
    Love your outfit too.