DIY Flower Headband and Barrette

When I saw a DIY Flower Barrette post on Teen Vogue's website, I was instantly inspired. I tried the project out, interpreting it in my own way by creating both a flower adorned barrette and headband. The barrette is a more wearable piece and the headband definitely a bolder statement. Either way, they're always great for dress up! Making these accessories was a fun project I would definitely recommend it. Here's how you can try it out yourself in just three easy steps!

What you'll need: fake flowers, a plastic barrette and headband, a nail file, scissors, and a glue gun.

Step 1: Use the nail file to scratch the glossy finish off of the barrette and headband. This will help make the hot glue stick to the surfaces more easily.

Step 2: Cut off the stems. Keep in mind you may need to leave some stem on the flower so it doesn't fall apart.

Step 3: Make dots of glue with the glue gun on the barrette/headband and press the flowers down onto the glue. The method of attaching the flowers I used was by sticking two flowers down with their backs towards one another. This made it so that the hair accessories will look good from the front and back.

And you're done! This DIY project is very simple and produces beautiful hair accessories!


  1. Love this! Totally going to try this now!

  2. Wow your headband is adorable! Great photos too. They're very informative!


  3. this is such a cool DIY and you explain things very well, great post!


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