Sweater: APC
Dress: Nili Lotan
Shirt & Socks: American Apparel

It's simple: hand-me-downs rule. Even though I don't have older siblings, clothes from my parents are passed down to me. I really enjoy working these garments into my wardrobe, mixing them with pieces of my own. My dad's old sweater is clearly ten times my size, so I cuffed up the sleeves to give it a cozy boyfriend feel. Layered over my mom's grid-patterned dress and my peter pan collared shirt, the outfit has quirky schoolgirl look! 


The Cheetah Print Prepster

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Zara
Tights: Hue
Flats: Marais USA

I've been reading the blog The Man Repeller for quite a while now, and Leandra's style, which consists of lots and lots of layering, inspires me very much. In this outfit my goal was a toned down layered look, in which I paired a short sleeve black sweater over a cheetah print dress. The collar peeping out from the sweater gives the outfit a preppy element, which I love considering my new obsession with Blair Waldorf's prep school style in Gossip Girl. (Netflix Instant Streaming is the best!)