As If!

T-shirt: American Apparel
Cardigan: Lands' End
Skirt: Vintage find on Etsy
Knee socks: American Apparel
Shoes: Marais USA

I've made my love for the movie Clueless clear before, and I'm making my love for it clear again. This Halloween I dressed up as the infamous Cher Horowitz, interpreting her yellow plaid skirt-suit on my own terms. What I love about this costume is that it consists of pieces that I would wear on a regular basis, but is also perfect as a Halloween costume. To fully dress in Cher-mode, I made an attempt to transform my wild curls into her perfectly coiffed straight locks. A french mani was also a must, so I bought a set of stick-on nails to match Cher's! 

The Inspiration:


French Macaroons

A few years ago my mom visited Paris with some of her close friends, and brought home a box of caramel macaroons from LadurĂ©e. The cookies were as delicious as they were beautiful, and since then I always wanted to try to make french macaroons myself. Using a Martha Stewart recipe I made both vanilla and chocolate cookies, and for the filling a yummy chocolate ganache. They turned out perfectly, and are definitely worth baking again!


School Girl

I've always loved a uniform school girl look. Whenever I see a group of girls leaving a Catholic school, I can't help but want to be one of them. Those pleated plaid skirts and pullover sweatshirts really kill me. I even have a memory from when I was little of seeing clothing in a Gap Kids catalog and telling my mom that I wanted them, but she told me that they were for kids who needed to wear uniforms to school. 

To mix some school girl style into my non-uniform everyday look, I paired my plaid Asos dress with a cozy wool pullover from Madewell. With my Bass loafers and scrunched down socks to top off the outfit, I could blend into a crowd of in-uniform girls in no time.