Dress: Free People
Wedges: Kork-Ease

My first impression of Kauai? Green. Though I have spent past summers here before, I had taken for granted the Hawaiian island's luscious nature. Towering palm trees, grass so vibrantly colored it looks photoshopped, and blooming flowers of all shapes and sizes are at every turn. To tie this theme of nature into an outfit, I decided to wear this Free People dress. I love the creme, light brown, and muted purple colors in the fabric of patterned leaves and flowers.

The photos were taken on a beautiful rooftop garden at the hotel my family is staying at called  the Princeville. My sister and I found it while exploring around the hotel, and not only was it a great spot to take photos but it had a magnificent view!


Raspberries and Roses

Even though I'm a big dessert lover, I'm very picky about my sweets. I was that one child at a birthday party who wouldn't eat the cake if it was vanilla. To put it simply, I'm a chocolate girl, and most desserts that don't include chocolate usually aren't up my alley. But, while flipping through a Martha Stewart cookbook, a non-chocolate recipe stood out to me. Called the "Old Fashioned Berry Layer Cake", the dessert not only looked delicious, but was also beautifully presented. I knew I had to try baking it for myself, and I must say the final product was delectable.

Hanger Ring: Self made
Dress: The Secret Shop


Polka-Dotted Beach Bag

In addition to sewing clothing, I'm also passionate about sewing bags. I made this beach bag during my time spent at sleep away camp. Though it may look simple, it required a lot of effort to make. I'm so pleased with how it turned out!