Cher Horowitz x Hello Kitty

T-shirt, Camisole, and Skirt - American Apparel

Every time I watch the movie Clueless (yes, I've seen it several times) I want to be Cher. There are two very admirable traits about her character; confidence and style. I've always wanted to be able to sport an outfit just like one she wears in the movie. Though I don't own a plaid yellow jacket or harlequin mini skirt, I do have three pieces that, when combined, look exactly like one of Cher's outfits. This outfit is the one she wears during PE, when Tai comes for her first day at school. I was never sure when to wear this Clueless outfit I'd styled, but when I received an email from a reader asking if I could post a look of how I would style a tight mini skirt, it was the perfect opportunity.

To add my own touch to the outfit, I added in some Hello Kitty. I decorated my nail polish with cute Hello Kitty Nail Art Stickers, and decided to wear an old ring from my childhood.



Top: John Robshaw for Lucky Brand
Shorts: Madewell
Shoes: Kork-Ease

When I first heard that John Robshaw was doing a collection for Lucky Brand, I was a bit skeptical. Robshaw is a textile designer, but I am most familiar with his bedding (since that is what my bed is covered in). I remember joking with my cousin that everything in the collection would look like tablecloths. I was very, very wrong. The collection features beautiful pieces, and I'm excited I own a piece from it. This top can be dressed up or down and worn with shorts, pants, a skirt, or over a bathing suit. It will without a doubt be one of my staple pieces to wear not only this summer, but for long afterwards.
Fun Fact: I am fifteen years old and this is the first time I have ever had my hair in a french braid.


Trend Setter On The Loose

Top: Madewell
Shorts: Madewell DIY
Shoes: Converse
Ring: @Work

What does one do when she gets bored of wearing a pair of old shorts? She decides to take on a DIY project and turn them into something new! 
To create these beauts, I took some scrap fabric from an old sewing project (look familiar?) and sewed them onto denim shorts. I'm not exactly sure what inspired me to do this, but my guess is I saw some hipster girls sporting them on Tumblr and was eager to create my own version.
A Note For The Future: Today a girl at school, who I don't know, complimented me on my shorts. It led her later to say something like "They are a great trend for Spring!" So just to let the internet know, when this patterned-short-cuff trend goes big, it's all thanks to moi.


The Daring Book For Girls: Cloth-Covered Book

A few years ago I was given The Daring Book For Girls as a gift. I'd only skimmed through the book a couple of times, but recently I picked it up and found it to be wonderful! The book's contents have a wide range in variety, from instructions on how to tie a bandana to learning how to be a spy. When I saw the tutorial on how to make a cloth-covered book, I couldn't help but try it out. I'm pretty positive that the reason the book is so pink is because I was listening to the Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack while I made it! To give the book my own touch, I added on the safety pin hearts that I blogged about a while ago. I'm thrilled I found a use for them!