Saturday was my fifteenth birthday, which is odd because I don't feel fifteen at all! I had an incredible time; I got a facial and mani-pedi with my sister, then got a hair cut (which will be in pictures soon, you'll have to wait and see what it looks like). I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts that I was given, and here they are! xo Ella

Beautiful pink tulips, that I absolutely love waking up to in the morning.

A red-orange Kate Spade iPhone case.

Socks my grandma knit for me (sweet, huh?) that I think are very Missoni-esque.

 Three super comfortable cardigans from Jcrew that I will most likely be wearing every day for the rest of the year.

A gorgeous jewelry box that I'd been dreaming about for a lloonngg time.


Bloomers and a Bear

Presenting my latest sewing project; pajamas! I found this fabulous vintage pattern on Etsy, paired it with some floral fabric, and whipped up a top and bloomers. As you can see from the pattern cover, there are two other versions of the pajamas to make. I might have to make another pair, the puff sleeves are very cute!

If you're a sewer or an aspiring sewer and would like to make your own pair of bloomers, I found a great free pattern from a company called Colette. Though I don't own any of their patterns (yet), I've seen images of them online and they are quite lovely! You can find their website here and the free bloomer pattern here. xo Ella


Sealed With Kisses

I took a soap making class a couple of weeks ago, and I went home with a humungous amount of it. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to use all the soap for myself, I decided to send it to family as a Valentine's Day gift.

The soap is made with lavender oil, and chamomile buds are mixed in. The fabric I wrapped it in is an old cut up tablecloth that I stamped lips on with a rubber stamp and pink acrylic paint. Finally, I topped it off with red ribbon and a hand written tag.


Makeup Bag

Today I took a makeup bag sewing class at the Urban Craft Center, and this is what I made! I bought the fabric at F&S and I'm a bit obsessed with it. I think it has a great vintage look, and the beautiful floral print is made up of such pretty colors. I can't wait to use it, it will be great to keep all my makeup in it when I stay at friends' houses. 


Knit Hobo Hat

I knit this hat over the weekend, in the span of about a day and a half. I've become a very avid knitter, and the craft really fits me well. I get very jitsy a lot and need to have my hands occupied with something, so it's a perfect craft for me. For instance, while making this hat, instead of watching countless episodes of The Nanny (my new favorite show of all time) while sitting on the couch and doing nothing but staring at a moving picture, I made use of the time and knit while having Niles crack me up as always. xo Ella


A while ago, after looking at my blog, my friend Katie from sleep away camp asked me to make her a headband. So I took some floral scrap fabric from an old sewing project, and whipped it into a headband. 

I braided the part that goes around the head, and it came out all fringed and messy, which I was really happy with. To finish it, I added a flower, that I learned how to make from a YouTube video (that I can't find, which is why I'm not posting a link to it). 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, or in my case Finals Studying and Glee Sunday! xo Ella

P.S. The girl pictured is Katie, not moi.