Perfectly Polished

My rave about Deborah Lippmann nail products begins with my discovery of the brand in 2010. I remember clearly watching this video of Fashion's Night Out at Barneys New York, jealous of how the attendees got Deborah Lippmann manicures. The products really stuck out to me, from the unique shape of the nail polish bottle to the variety of wonderful colors available. After some research on the company, I found out that their formulas are less toxic than other brands, and that they also don't test on animals (hooray!). Now I'm lucky to say that I own five bottles from this incredible nail polish collection (including base and top coat of course). Using these beautiful shades, my sister and I gave ourselves all-out Deborah Lippmann manicures!

The Final Products:
Rehydrating Base Coat + Sarah Smile 
Today Was A Fairytale + On A Clear Day

I especially love this look because it adds a great sparkle to any everyday outfit, but is also perfect for parties and nights out. New Year's Eve 2011? I think so.

Rehydrating Base Coat + Fashion + On A Clear Day

The second look is much more toned down, and the shade is pure perfection! It's in the neutral nail color range, but it's not too invisible that it becomes unnoticeable.

The Process:


  1. love it!

    xoxo from rome

  2. I love DL polishes, I have a dark gray one called Stormy Weather that was gifted to me. I just find them SO expensive !!! I don't even like spending $8 on OPI, because it just adds up so quick if you buy more than one. These are beautiful colors though, especially the nude one ! x

  3. that glitter polish is fantastic!! love the nude nails, so understated and chic.


  4. Love the glitter polish! I'm obsessed with sparkley polishes for the holidays :)


  5. These are so pretty! Especially the sparkly one, the glitters look amazing! And I'm in love with the hanging cross ring in the top photo, where did you get it? xo

  6. I love all the pictures!!!!