Spider Lashes and Scarlet Lips

I'm normally not a beauty trend follower, but there's something about this season that's making me crazy. The messy buns and ponytails, bold brows, and statement black eyeliner are so beautiful! One of my favorite beauty looks from the runway shows this season was at Gucci. The makeup consisted of spiky, thick, black, spider lashes and a deeply pigmented red lip. 

Inspired by the simplicity in the look, I decided to try it out for myself only using two products, both by Bobbi Brown. Starting off with my eyes, I applied Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara as I normally would, with just a couple coats. After letting it dry I patted some more on to thicken my lashes. To finish everything off I coated my lips with Bobbi's Lip Gloss in Scarlet. Even if this look is just a seasonal trend, it will definitely stick with me for longer!

Gucci RTW Fall 2011


  1. Stunning ! found your blog when i was searching the style rookie i=and saw your comment and it made me style - and then i fellin love with you blog ! i'm a follower for sure girl xx

  2. you look perfect with that make-up!
    hugs and kisses!


  3. Just found your blog. Love the shiny red lips!

  4. it's like ruby red slippers for the lips x


  5. WOW! Its my first time in your blog and this is so beautiful! I know what you mean about bold eyebrows and statement lips (I dont tend to wear too much eye-make up usually). I recently bought the Tom Ford lipstick in Black Orchid and I'm in love (you should def check it out!).

  6. Oh, I agree! I loved the makeup at Gucci... so bold!