Missoni for Target

Sweater: Missoni for Target
Shorts: Madewell

To say Missoni is one of my favorite designer brands is an understatement. The bright colors, beautiful knits, and trademark zigzags used in their collections have always stolen my heart. Another thing I love about Missoni is that it's a family business (which Rodger Berman made me aware of in a past episode of the Rachel Zoe Project). When I found out they were doing a collection for Target, I couldn't believe it!

I had a simple plan to get some pieces from the collection. The day it came out, I would go to Target right after school. I'd browse the collection, try on a couple things, and end up leaving satisfied with a few fabulous zigzag-ed items.

Unfortunately, this was not what happened. When I arrived to Target I saw Missoni signs everywhere, but no sign of any merchandise. After asking one of the employees, I found out that every item was sold out. She told me there was a line going around the store before it's doors opened, and after an hour or two every single piece was gone. Disappointment filled me on my way back home, but I perked up when I realized that Target was selling the collection on their website...which had crashed. I kept the webpage up on my computer's browser, and finally was able to order this sweater.

As frustrating as the entire process was, it was definitely worth it. Though my sweater isn't a classic Missoni pattern, I love the rose's pop of bright pink and the striped details!


  1. you look awesome. i love your style. you're so lucky you actually go something from this collection, too!

    xx, theemeraldsun.blogspot.com

  2. very beautiful sweater!!! :D

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  3. wow, I'm in love with your hair, you're so beautiful! and your white shorts are also amazing.
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    with love,
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  4. Beautiful ! I wish I could've picked up something from the Missoni for Target collection before it was all gone ! Your hair looks amazing aswell. LOVE from your newest follower x