Marcus and Cleo

Two movies: About a Boy and Somewhere
Two men: Will and Johnny, both on the verge of loneliness.
Two kids: Marcus and Cleo, who eventually come into the worlds of these men and change their lives for the better. Not only this, but these characters both have impeccable style.

What I love about Marcus: The boy wears a lot of knit clothing, and I knit pieces are my favorites. Marcus sports a lot of dull and muted colors, which would seem boring, except for the fact that these almost boring shades are formed into intricate and detailed patterns.

What I love about Cleo: Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. This pattern is worn by Cleo so many times in the movie, and in each outfit it looks wonderful. I admire how comfort and simplicity seem to play two main roles in her character's style.

All in all, the outfits of both Marcus and Cleo are remarkably styled, and suit the characters very well. I very much enjoyed watching both About a Boy and Somewhere, and definitely recommend them.


  1. these are both movies I need to revisit. good choices!

  2. You are so right! Great observations!! Following you!


  3. i definitely want to see Somewhere because i love Elle Fanning! she has such great style on and off the big screen. i love how you analyzed the styling in both of these movies, such a great source of inspiration!