The Daring Book For Girls: Cloth-Covered Book

A few years ago I was given The Daring Book For Girls as a gift. I'd only skimmed through the book a couple of times, but recently I picked it up and found it to be wonderful! The book's contents have a wide range in variety, from instructions on how to tie a bandana to learning how to be a spy. When I saw the tutorial on how to make a cloth-covered book, I couldn't help but try it out. I'm pretty positive that the reason the book is so pink is because I was listening to the Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack while I made it! To give the book my own touch, I added on the safety pin hearts that I blogged about a while ago. I'm thrilled I found a use for them! 

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  1. Beautifully neat and pretty, great job! I'm so loving craft projects at the moment