Sweater: APC
Dress: Nili Lotan
Shirt & Socks: American Apparel

It's simple: hand-me-downs rule. Even though I don't have older siblings, clothes from my parents are passed down to me. I really enjoy working these garments into my wardrobe, mixing them with pieces of my own. My dad's old sweater is clearly ten times my size, so I cuffed up the sleeves to give it a cozy boyfriend feel. Layered over my mom's grid-patterned dress and my peter pan collared shirt, the outfit has quirky schoolgirl look! 


The Cheetah Print Prepster

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Zara
Tights: Hue
Flats: Marais USA

I've been reading the blog The Man Repeller for quite a while now, and Leandra's style, which consists of lots and lots of layering, inspires me very much. In this outfit my goal was a toned down layered look, in which I paired a short sleeve black sweater over a cheetah print dress. The collar peeping out from the sweater gives the outfit a preppy element, which I love considering my new obsession with Blair Waldorf's prep school style in Gossip Girl. (Netflix Instant Streaming is the best!)


Perfectly Polished

My rave about Deborah Lippmann nail products begins with my discovery of the brand in 2010. I remember clearly watching this video of Fashion's Night Out at Barneys New York, jealous of how the attendees got Deborah Lippmann manicures. The products really stuck out to me, from the unique shape of the nail polish bottle to the variety of wonderful colors available. After some research on the company, I found out that their formulas are less toxic than other brands, and that they also don't test on animals (hooray!). Now I'm lucky to say that I own five bottles from this incredible nail polish collection (including base and top coat of course). Using these beautiful shades, my sister and I gave ourselves all-out Deborah Lippmann manicures!

The Final Products:
Rehydrating Base Coat + Sarah Smile 
Today Was A Fairytale + On A Clear Day

I especially love this look because it adds a great sparkle to any everyday outfit, but is also perfect for parties and nights out. New Year's Eve 2011? I think so.

Rehydrating Base Coat + Fashion + On A Clear Day

The second look is much more toned down, and the shade is pure perfection! It's in the neutral nail color range, but it's not too invisible that it becomes unnoticeable.

The Process:


Flamingo Pink

Sweater, Scarf, and Bow Pin: J.crew
Army Pants: Madewell
Jean Jacket: Levis
Penny Loafers: Bass
Ring: Selfmade

I'm the type of person that tends to lean towards buying and wearing neutral clothing. Though I can't get enough of my navy blues and heather greys, I've been searching for more colorful pieces lately. This J.crew sweater was the perfect piece to begin a transition into a brighter closet. It's super comfy and cozy, and when I saw the color was called flamingo pink, how could I resist? The vibrant hue of this pullover instantly adds a fun pop of color to any outfit, and I love the way it looks peeping out of the sleeve of my faded blue denim jacket!


Dress Up

I think I had some sort of post-Halloween longing this past weekend, because I was in the mood to play dress up. The timing couldn't have been more perfect considering my Albertus Swanepoel for Target hats had just arrived in the mail. 

The first look I put together was inspired by Russian dolls, hence the exaggerated eyelashes and floral print dress. The hat I styled the look with, called the Layla, was the first piece of the Target collection to catch my eye. It's super warm and cozy, and the blue and purple plaid lining gives it a great element of surprise!

The Ganache Hat screamed 1920s to me, so I decided to emulate a girl from that period in the second look. I love the colors of the hat; the light army green and deep purple compliment each other wonderfully. 

The collection is beautiful, and (surprisingly) hasn't sold out yet, so hurry up buy yourself one of these babies before they're all gone!


Crazy for Chambray

Dress: J.crew
Locket: Tiffany & Co
Shoes: Marais USA

Chambray is the best, and this J.crew dress is the perfect example of why. First off, it can be worn during any season. I wore it this past summer on vacation in Hawaii, and for fall it's already become a staple piece in my wardrobe. The dress can also easily be dressed up or down; all I'd have to do is throw on a pair of pumps and I could be going out to dinner in no time!

Speaking of shoes, I'm obsessed with my new pair from Marais USA. These mary janes on steroids change up the classic style by adding a big bow to the toe!


As If!

T-shirt: American Apparel
Cardigan: Lands' End
Skirt: Vintage find on Etsy
Knee socks: American Apparel
Shoes: Marais USA

I've made my love for the movie Clueless clear before, and I'm making my love for it clear again. This Halloween I dressed up as the infamous Cher Horowitz, interpreting her yellow plaid skirt-suit on my own terms. What I love about this costume is that it consists of pieces that I would wear on a regular basis, but is also perfect as a Halloween costume. To fully dress in Cher-mode, I made an attempt to transform my wild curls into her perfectly coiffed straight locks. A french mani was also a must, so I bought a set of stick-on nails to match Cher's! 

The Inspiration:


French Macaroons

A few years ago my mom visited Paris with some of her close friends, and brought home a box of caramel macaroons from LadurĂ©e. The cookies were as delicious as they were beautiful, and since then I always wanted to try to make french macaroons myself. Using a Martha Stewart recipe I made both vanilla and chocolate cookies, and for the filling a yummy chocolate ganache. They turned out perfectly, and are definitely worth baking again!


School Girl

I've always loved a uniform school girl look. Whenever I see a group of girls leaving a Catholic school, I can't help but want to be one of them. Those pleated plaid skirts and pullover sweatshirts really kill me. I even have a memory from when I was little of seeing clothing in a Gap Kids catalog and telling my mom that I wanted them, but she told me that they were for kids who needed to wear uniforms to school. 

To mix some school girl style into my non-uniform everyday look, I paired my plaid Asos dress with a cozy wool pullover from Madewell. With my Bass loafers and scrunched down socks to top off the outfit, I could blend into a crowd of in-uniform girls in no time.


Missoni for Target

Sweater: Missoni for Target
Shorts: Madewell

To say Missoni is one of my favorite designer brands is an understatement. The bright colors, beautiful knits, and trademark zigzags used in their collections have always stolen my heart. Another thing I love about Missoni is that it's a family business (which Rodger Berman made me aware of in a past episode of the Rachel Zoe Project). When I found out they were doing a collection for Target, I couldn't believe it!

I had a simple plan to get some pieces from the collection. The day it came out, I would go to Target right after school. I'd browse the collection, try on a couple things, and end up leaving satisfied with a few fabulous zigzag-ed items.

Unfortunately, this was not what happened. When I arrived to Target I saw Missoni signs everywhere, but no sign of any merchandise. After asking one of the employees, I found out that every item was sold out. She told me there was a line going around the store before it's doors opened, and after an hour or two every single piece was gone. Disappointment filled me on my way back home, but I perked up when I realized that Target was selling the collection on their website...which had crashed. I kept the webpage up on my computer's browser, and finally was able to order this sweater.

As frustrating as the entire process was, it was definitely worth it. Though my sweater isn't a classic Missoni pattern, I love the rose's pop of bright pink and the striped details!


Back to Basics

Slip dress, Corduroy Skirt, and Socks: American Apparel
Sweater: J.crew

I'm all for basics. Solid colors are the best; they're easy to mix, match, and layer. Plus, they seem to direct attention towards texture, since pattern isn't an available distraction. This circle skirt and pair of frilly lace socks are perfect examples of what I mean. Each are single colored, bringing focus to their textures, whether it's a ribbed corduroy or a frilly, delicate ruffle of lace.



Dress: Madewell
Pumps: Kate Spade Karolina
Ring: House of Harlow 1960

I'm head over heels (no pun intended)in love with my new pumps. The black patent leather shoe is my first real pair of heels, and I know they'll last me a long time. They are classic and timeless, age appropriate, and go with everything in my closet. My first opportunity to wear them was to a bat mitzvah this past weekend. The dress I wore is one of my favorite colors, a perfect shade of blush, faded pink. It's very feminine and romantic, so to add to the vibe I styled my hair in a messy low bun. To top everything off, my light pink leather and gold cocktail ring (which might look familiar) was the perfect accessory!