Adios Amigos!

To the people who have been reading my blog, if there actually are any of you, I'm leaving. Not forever, obviously, but I will be gone for about a month. I'm going away to sleep away camp, which means I will have no technology, and no technology means no blog. So don't expect any new posts for a while. To fill up for my absence, I'm providing you with some clips from a hilarious movie called The Three Amigos. Goodbye, and I'll see you in August.


Lovely Lychee

I love walking around Montana Avenue. One of my favorite stores to go into there is called Palmetto. It's a skin care store, and they carry tons of different brands with fabulous products. I love scents, and smelling different products they carry, whether it's bath bombs or candles. At Palmetto they carry a company called MOR Cosmetics, who categorizes their products by scent. The one scent that really stood out to me was Lychee Flower. Once I took a whiff of the hand cream I immediately fell in love with the smell. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money on me so I wasn't able to purchase any of the nicely packaged products. Just so I could keep the scent with me, I coated my hands in the tester hand cream, and overdosed my wrists in the roll on perfume. Next time I stop by Palmetto, I know I'll be walking out with one of these products.


Eight pages is all it took...

...for me to fall head over heels in love with this spread featured in the latest issue of Teen Vogue. Everything about this makes me want to own each and every piece that was used in this story. Even the boy's clothing. It's the perfect mix of edgy and girly, and that winged out black eyeliner is just the cherry on top. The two things from this that must be added into my back to school look are oversized knits and leopard print. I love the jacket the girl on the bike is wearing on the second page, it reminds me of the one Emma Watson wore in her boyfriend's music video. Gotta love it.


The Beauty Section

When I have free time on the internet, I love browsing through online shops, knowing I'm not going to buy anything. It's sort of like window shopping, but on the internet. Lately I've really enjoyed looking through the products in the Urban Outfitters beauty section, which came out not too long ago. They feature a lot of brands that I've never heard of, like DuWop and Medusa. But they mix those unknown brands with more popular companies like Stila and NYX.

I've compiled a wishlist from this beauty section, and here are some of the products that I think would be fun to own:


Googoo for Gaga

Every once in a while I love going on YouTube and watching Lady Gaga videos. Whether they're her music videos, interviews of her, or videos that her fans have made for her, they are all extremely inspiring. This was one of my favorites:

You must admit, this girl is fabulous. From her blonde hair to her unique outfits to her catchy and lovable songs, I can never get enough of this chick. One of the things that really makes Gaga stand out from the rest is the passion she has for her fans. She shows a lot of kindness, like at the part of the video where she was offering the children candy. I think that Lady Gaga is a great role model for kids of all ages. She shows that you can be whoever you want to be, and though people may judge you, you have to ignore them and keep doing your thing. The only this that's missing from her is a clothing line.


Got a secret, can you keep it?

I must admit, the television show Pretty Little Liars is quite addicting (so is the listening to the theme song). In the beginning I never really knew anything about the show. I wasn't one of those I read all eight books three times each and now I am going to watch the show obsessive fans. I somehow stumbled upon the series on Hulu, and from there became a big fan. I even got my sister hooked, and now we watch it together every Tuesday night.
If you follow the show, you know that it revolves around the murder of a girl named Allison. No one knows who did it, which makes you die to know. I became a fan of the show on Facebook, and realized that the only things fans usually write on the page are spoilers to what will happen in the future. I don't usually do this, but I just had to read some of the posts.
So many people have all said entirely different things about how the show is going to turn out. Some claim the killer is Mona, a friend told me that its Spencer, I once heard Allison might still be alive, and now Mr. Fitz is even a possible suspect! I can't wait to tune in tonight to watch more of this pretty little show.

Here's what happened...

It's a late Monday summer night and a girl named Ella can't sleep. Unlike most 14 year old girls who begin to act older then their age, Ella uses her imagination like the young girl she is. For the past year she's stumbled upon some really interesting blogs, and has secretly always wanted to start one of her own. As thrilling blog post ideas surge through her brain, she jumps out of bed to retrieve her computer. There she researches on how to begin a blog. She puts her computer away, gets her iPhone, and starts to write blog entries in the notes application.

The next morning she wakes up unsure. Is a blog something she really wants to create? Will people read it? What if people from school find out she has one and make fun of her for it? Then thats when Ella realized something. The whole point of a blog is to put your thoughts out there into the Internet, and not really care how others think. It gives you some sort of an online diary that can be read by the people who are intrigued by your thoughts and would like to hear what you have to say about different topics.

So Ella decided to make this blog and share it with the web. She doesn't know how it will turn out, or if it will even last, but she sure knows she will enjoy talking about some of her favorite things; fashion, art, makeup, photography, baking, entertainment, music, and any of her other thoughts that might zip by.