Today was the last day of a fashion sketching class that I took. This was the final project that I created, and I'm really proud of it! I pushed the boundaries a little bit, and did something different then the other kids in the class. For example, I chose not to draw faces on the models, and instead of mounting the sketches onto plain white paper, I layered tracing paper over my inspiration board and glued them on. The outfits are all really simple, and things that I can definitely see myself wearing. xo Ella

Note: I didn't draw the bodies by hand, they were traced, but I drew everything else myself. Just to clear that up...


  1. WOW i love your style of sketching... i'm so jealous of people that have their own 'look' in their sketches. these are truly beautiful and unique. well done


  2. these are really cool sketches. i totally agree with you, drawing faces is unnecessary anyways because you're designing the clothes only! well done!
    when you have the spare time i would love it if you stopped by.

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  3. omg this is amazin! great work! :)


  4. They're really cute, well done! i love the little differences you made. and the little black dresses are great!

    lovess, taylah.

  5. these are amazing. you are so talented. I could def see myself wearing this. your blog is really great. I'm following!


    p.s. would love if you followed me too xoxo