I'm pretty sure the song is whip my hair, not whip my hairless head.

Just a little outfit I put together, and I would love to call it my own. 

Cardigan - Forever 21 (Not in stores yet, found through article on Nylon's site)
Lace bra - Madewell
Skirt - Shop Nasty Gal
Wedges - Urban Outfitters

Some random thoughts that I feel the strange need to share with whoever is reading:
• Sky Ferreira was in Teen Vogue! Woot woot! 
• Lea Michele cannot dance, and Gwynneth knocked her out of the park in the number they did on Glee this week. 
• Wake me up before you go-go is kind of excellent (wink to Mia if you're reading this). 
• I was at a Bat mitzvah recently and their was a bald guy twirling his  head around while the song "Whip my hair" played. If you don't have any hair then what's point?

Happy Friday to all, and happy break to me! I have the entire week off next week, which will be loads of fun. Family is visiting, and we're planning on going to some Hello Kitty art thing and the new fashion exhibit at LACMA. Thanks for all the lovely comments I've been getting! xo Ella


  1. The bra and the skirt is so cute! I love all your picks! xoxoxoxo

  2. Im so happy i ran into your blog! I love it! It's a great read! You have such great posts and your style is lovely!
    So therefor I'm going to follow you!

    Hope you visit and (if you like) follow me back!

    lots of love,

    Have a great day!

  3. tnx for the comment! you have such a nice blog!! we'll follow you :D
    xox nadine & liza

  4. ah! the skirt and cardigan are amaziiing!!

  5. thats the cutest cardi and awesome shoes!
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