Lazy Day

You know those days when you are totally unproductive, and don't feel like doing anything absolutely at all? Today was one of those days. It was nice though, lounging on the couch watching 500 Days of Summer and The Blind Side with my sister, drinking tea and eating pomegranate, and painting my nails. I didn't go out of the house once, and stayed in sweats and a comfy sweater all day. Sophie and I decided to whip out the camera, and took some silly pictures, which we do a lot when we're bored. It was a nice day, and I can't wait to end it with the carton of Phish Food ice cream in my freezer. 

P.S. I made a Bloglovin account, so please follow me! xo


  1. Really cool blog. Love the pictures :)
    Ohh and I'm your first bloglovein follower :)
    Check out my blog if you want :)

  2. haha yeah I definitely know days like these.. and I actually really love it :D

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment! I never was taught fashion illustration formally, but I did take a nude model drawing course which helps a lot.

  4. 500 days of summer and the bind side are some of my favourites as well! great when you don't feel like doing anything

  5. Sounds like a relaxing and fun day!! Love your goofy pictures :-) xoxoxoxoo