A Nylon Fashion Week

I'm subscribed to Nylon Magazine's YouTube page, and their best videos always come from fashion week. I'm a total failure when it comes to following shows, and these videos don't fail to keep me updated. Here are some of my favorites:

Marc is probably my favorite designer of all time. I've liked him from a young age, for example I wore a Little Marc dress for my fifth grade graduation. What stood out most for me in this collection were the bags. I especially like orange one Lindsey Wixson carries, and it looks great with the pink and white ruffly dress. Definitely an outfit I would wear.

Personally, Betsy Johnson's designs aren't my favorite. I do love some of her pieces, but I don't think I could base an everyday wardrobe out of her clothes. The one thing I admire the most about her is that she's not afraid to have fun. Sometimes fashion gets too serious, and that makes it a little boring. Skateboarding, flashing your undies to the audience, and dancing down the runway make a show so much more fun to watch!

Whitney Port. I saw her in an airport once while my class was arriving home from a school trip. I never, ever knew that she had a fashion line though! I think some of these pieces look cute, and very wearable for school or work.

0:19. Those are life.

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