Lovely Lychee

I love walking around Montana Avenue. One of my favorite stores to go into there is called Palmetto. It's a skin care store, and they carry tons of different brands with fabulous products. I love scents, and smelling different products they carry, whether it's bath bombs or candles. At Palmetto they carry a company called MOR Cosmetics, who categorizes their products by scent. The one scent that really stood out to me was Lychee Flower. Once I took a whiff of the hand cream I immediately fell in love with the smell. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money on me so I wasn't able to purchase any of the nicely packaged products. Just so I could keep the scent with me, I coated my hands in the tester hand cream, and overdosed my wrists in the roll on perfume. Next time I stop by Palmetto, I know I'll be walking out with one of these products.

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