Here's what happened...

It's a late Monday summer night and a girl named Ella can't sleep. Unlike most 14 year old girls who begin to act older then their age, Ella uses her imagination like the young girl she is. For the past year she's stumbled upon some really interesting blogs, and has secretly always wanted to start one of her own. As thrilling blog post ideas surge through her brain, she jumps out of bed to retrieve her computer. There she researches on how to begin a blog. She puts her computer away, gets her iPhone, and starts to write blog entries in the notes application.

The next morning she wakes up unsure. Is a blog something she really wants to create? Will people read it? What if people from school find out she has one and make fun of her for it? Then thats when Ella realized something. The whole point of a blog is to put your thoughts out there into the Internet, and not really care how others think. It gives you some sort of an online diary that can be read by the people who are intrigued by your thoughts and would like to hear what you have to say about different topics.

So Ella decided to make this blog and share it with the web. She doesn't know how it will turn out, or if it will even last, but she sure knows she will enjoy talking about some of her favorite things; fashion, art, makeup, photography, baking, entertainment, music, and any of her other thoughts that might zip by.

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  1. I love your blog Ella! It is super interesting to read and very cute pictures!! :D

    <3 u!