Googoo for Gaga

Every once in a while I love going on YouTube and watching Lady Gaga videos. Whether they're her music videos, interviews of her, or videos that her fans have made for her, they are all extremely inspiring. This was one of my favorites:

You must admit, this girl is fabulous. From her blonde hair to her unique outfits to her catchy and lovable songs, I can never get enough of this chick. One of the things that really makes Gaga stand out from the rest is the passion she has for her fans. She shows a lot of kindness, like at the part of the video where she was offering the children candy. I think that Lady Gaga is a great role model for kids of all ages. She shows that you can be whoever you want to be, and though people may judge you, you have to ignore them and keep doing your thing. The only this that's missing from her is a clothing line.

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